The Importance Of Organizational Development Of Southwest Airlines

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The Southwest airline is best known for its efficient approach to business operations. The main aircraft it has it its fleet is Boeing 737 and the employees have been able to manage the turn around time of planes in an extremely efficient manner between the flights which considerably reduces their downtime. The airline is able to even board their fully booked flight faster than their competitors, even though the seats are not pre-assigned. This not only keep the competitors wondering but also the customers are astonished by the quick services they provide. Approaches to organizational development The main approach to organizational development is about improving the overall performance at an organizational, team and individual level. It is…show more content…
The frontline employees are like the player coaches within the company, as they have the managerial authority, but also perform the duties of frontline employees. The supervisors are encouraged and they do spend most of their time with the employees to solve their problems and give them advise as compared to competitor counterparts in other organizations (Gitell, 2005). • Hire people with the right attitude: Utmost significance is given to the fact that the right people are hired at the right time. The training is given to people to walk a mile concept so that the employees become familiar with the work related activities and processes. • Reduce the family and work division: The employees are encouraged to be natural and present themselves at work and to recognize the important events in each other lives related to their family. This gives them a sense of association and the support is provided at each level (Gitell, 2005). • The conflict must be used to develop relationships: The cross-functional conflicts are solved and the managers are encouraged to take active steps in this regard. A conflict-resolution process is launched known as informational gatherings, which is initiated when the parties are unable to resolve their own conflicts (Gitell,
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