The Importance Of Organic Yerba Tea And Coffee

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Is organic yerba mate tea another weight loss myth, or does this really work?

It can be confusing trying to sift through all the teas and drinks available for helping one lose weight.

No matter which tea it is, the ever popular green tea, tulsi tea or peppermint tea. All are recommended for helping one shed those unwanted pounds.

Every tea I googled, all of them it seems can help with weight loss.

Yerba mate is a tea made from dried stems and leaves from a tree grown in South America. Today it is still a very popular drink in that part of the world, and now it is enjoyed by many around the world.

Its popularity stems from the fact organic yerba mate is great for weight loss.

If you have a sensible approach to food, don't eat a lot of
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Organic Yerba Mate Tea And Coffee

Well, it seems that yerba has some very unique compounds compared to other herbal teas.

Yerba is very similar to coffee and often looked upon as a coffee alternative.

A cup of either has apparently an equal amount of caffeine.

Although this can be quite misleading as it depends on the amount of coffee and type of coffee, you are comparing a cup of yerba to.

Yerba caffeine works differently in the body and gives a person a sense of well-being at the same time it soothes and stimulates.

Unlike drinking coffee, if you drink too much yerba, you don't get that jittery feeling. And too much coffee can cause digestive problems, heartburn and acid reflux (1).

Over time too many cups of coffee daily may cause your body to become highly acidic, as coffee is an acidic drink (2). This acidity can weaken the body.

Too much acidic foods or drinks like coffee can also result in weight gain.

The good thing about yerba mate is the fact it is not acidic. It can help support a healthy PH level in the body.

Yerba is an alkaline drink and the more alkaline your body, the better you will be able to keep the weight off
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Some of the health claims made are, increase endurance and energy, relieve constipation, reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol, increase libido. Improve sleep, reduce fatigue, reduce feelings of depression and strengthen immune the system.

Organic Yerba Mate And Weight Loss

In order for this tea to work, you do need to have a healthy diet and perhaps some form of exercise.

How much you need to drink a day, I am not sure, so many websites claim so many different amounts. Here is a Scientific Review on the dosage and amount you need (6).

I took the time to read through some health forums on weight loss and organic yerba mate. Many say it has worked wonders and others have experienced the complete opposite.

Again, it is something you need to try yourself and not rely on hearsay. Because at the end of the day, it may help you and it may not when it comes to losing weight.

There are, however, some concerns that when drunk in large amounts, a risk of increasing some forms of cancer
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