The Importance Of Organic Food

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Health consciousness is the attitude of people who are concerned about how healthy one’s diet and lifestyle are (Oxford Dictionaries, 2017). Health conscious people are those who are aware and concerned about their well-being and those consumers are highly motivated to buy organic food. Many research conducted on the same topic “attitude towards organic foods”, much of which resulted that health is the important reason for their purchase behavior. A research on consumer attitudes towards organic food among Taiwanese have shown that concern for one’s health is most important motives for purchasing organic foods, in addition, the healthy lifestyle is substantial factors to shape on consumer’s behavior (Cheng, 2009, p. 165). Additionally, a research…show more content…
Environmental conscious people are more likely to purchase organic food. They are the consumer who not only making their health by consuming organic food besides they are also helping the environment. Environmental concern also tends to have the positive attitudes towards organic food and strong intention to purchase behavior. Many studies conducted on consumer attitude and purchase behavior towards organic food resulted that environmental concern is important factor that influence purchase behavior (Thøgersen, et all , 2015, p. 389). Moreover, the research on organic food and environmental concern indicates that environmental concern and organic food knowledge are found to have positive influence on consumer’s attitudes towards organic foods where a survey method was chosen and 222 respondents were responding the questionnaire in Hong Kong (Lua, Lam, & Cheung, 2015, p.…show more content…
Many people consumed organic foods on consideration of their health and the environment. On the contrast, there are a lot of people who still don’t believe in organic food labels and they don’t trust the food brand and organic cropping. Previous studies on consumer attitudes towards organic products also resulted that consumer trust on organic food label significantly affected consumer buying behavior (Tung,et.all.2012,p.997).A research about "Factors Driving Thai Consumer's Intention to Purchase Organic Foods" explains that consumption of organic food can be increased in Thailand by increasing customer knowledge of health benefits, product quality and environmental protection using organic foods (Pamsonam, Napompech, & Suwanmaneepong, 2014). It's also important to provide knowledge about labels so trust of consumer towards organic food can be increased (Pamsonam et al., 2014).
2.2.4 Availability of Organic Foods
Availability of organic foods also drives the consumer to buy organic foods. A study on conducted on consumer behavior and purchase intention for organic food found out that availability of foods positively influence the consumer’s attitude towards buying organic (Paul & Rana 2012). A research conducted on Malaysia on “Buying behavior towards organic foods in the emerging market” resulted that availability of organic food have significant positive relationship with consumer
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