The Importance Of Operational Performance Management

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No one really thinks about an organizations operational structure until something has gone wrong or profits are down. That’s when operational performance comes under scrutiny. Good business leaders take time to analyze the company’s structure in the beginning to make sure all decisions are smart and precise.
First, According to an article written by Lynn McDonald from, a company’s operational structure must be aligned with its mission and vision statements. A mission summarizes why a company does what it does. Its main purpose is to define how an organization conducts its business. It helps key stake holders decide whether they want to do business with you. The vision is an image of the future that a company seeks
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Every employee should contribute to successful operational performance in some way. Operational performance management is the alignment of all business units within an organization to ensure that they are working together to achieve core business goals. Every staff member should be able to identify areas that may need focus that will cause the company to be different in the future. The focuses to should on strategies that will help maintain competitive advantage. There need to be plans around these areas that will lead our company to be great in the future.
Third, going forward, leaders of a company must lead by example. A leader must exemplify enthusiasm and energy for their organization. Coming in early and leaving work late, brainstorming with subordinates to come up with new ideas for operations goes a long way. A good leader knows how to get employee to work hard without forcing them through authority. They know how to make employees feel valued. Leaders who interact with employees on all levels are able to build informal channels of communication which helps them stay on top of daily performance. Managers who
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