The Importance Of Online Retailing

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Online retailing refers to an online interaction relationship between retailers and customers which the retailer fulfills customer’s order through the retailer’s website and these has quickly emerged to become an important class of service operation (Smith, Karwan, & Markland, 2007). According to Nordin and Nik Kamariah (2011), online shopping experienced dramatic expansion and become popular among counties with well-developed infrastructure for marketing activities over the Internet. Thus, many companies have transformed and expanded their businesses from traditional stores to online stores in order to focus on transaction of commodities or services through online retailing (Gondwe, 2010).
Furthermore, Liu, He, Gao, and Xie (2008) found that
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This is because online retailers can implement marketing strategies that drive customers to shop online. Perceived usefulness is one of the factors that influence customer intention. Usefulness refers to how a website brings value, effectiveness and advantage to customer that will influence their purchase decision. Furthermore, Honarbakhsh, Hooi, Kavianpour and Shadkam (2013) found that the perceived ease of use has significant impact on customer intention to online retailing. This is because customer can experience the convenient and searching products or services by browsing the website.
Next, trust is a crucial factor in marketing for successful business trades and maintaining online customer relationships (Rios & Riquelme, 2008, p. 733). Trust can increase the level of customer’s confidence towards the online retailing. Last but not least, perceived enjoyment is also one of the key factors that affect customer purchase intention. Testing the impact of perceived enjoyment can help retailers to more understand the customer behavior.
Despite online retailing is popular today, but there is still lack of understanding concerning with the online retailing and its impact on marketing (Chua, Khatibi & Ismail, 2006). Overall, online retailers can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty to their stores by offering competitive
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