The Importance Of Online Privacy

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Technology is one of the most influential driving forces of society. Most countries rely on technological advancements to maintain a sustainable economy. A large portion of today’s day-to-day activities is nearly or completely impossible without the existence of computers. In today’s current era, information sharing and gathering is no longer supplemental, it is essential. The vast amount of data circulating on the Internet is both a blessing and a curse. Information is so freely available that with each new innovation, it seems as if privacy is slowly fading away. With such sensitive data being exchanged so frequently, not only should online privacy be a corporate social responsibility for companies with an online presence, but it should also be an ethical responsibility for the consumers. Companies must do more to protect the information of their customers in order to maintain credibility and ethical soundness. The business model of any company with an online presence must treat the protection of customer information with high priority. Moreover, consumers of any online based products and services cannot assume that their privacy is free from any form of invasion. The responsibility of protecting privacy should not rest entirely on the company, but should also be shouldered by the consumers. A collaborative effort of protecting privacy is much more effective than the shifting of blame that is currently happening today.
Corporate Responsibility
The current direction most online companies are moving towards is creating a lot of backlash from critics and consumers of the online services and products. The invasion of privacy is often the result of companies mishandling personal information or intellectual property of ...

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...y should help out in any way possible to ensure the continuous well-being and safety of the community. Expecting too much privacy protection from online companies and not shouldering some of the responsibilities is the same as blaming the police officers for a burglary when the owners of the house left the front door open throughout the night. The protection of personal information becomes extremely difficult when consumers announce an open invitation for invaders to violate their privacy. While a significant portion of the responsibility should be assumed by the companies, it is impossible for them to ensure 100% personal information protection if consumers are voluntarily exposing the information online. Consumers should make an effort to protect their personal information online and expect companies to assist them in circumstances that are out of their control.
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