The Importance Of One On One Interview

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A one on one interview is one of the most used and effective methods by employers for employee selection, but how can one be effective and successful during an interview? I have heard repeatedly from my supervisors that all a person needs is 5 minutes to form their own opinion of you; with that being said, your initial presentation of yourself, visually and verbally can stop you from being successful before the actual interview begins. You have to be able to understand what the employer is looking for, and you need to present your case of why would you be an asset to the prospective employer. It all amounts to how well you can sell yourself; in the next few paragraphs, I will discuss a few steps in which you can also reference as a checklist on how to win in an interview.…show more content…
By Saying that I’m suggesting for you to do some research on the potential employer’s business/company. If you know the story behind the business the interviewer can become impressed and you might build some rapport making the interview a tad bit smoother which is always positive. Also be prepared to answer questions such as why do you want to work here, what makes you think you can be a valuable asset to this company, and a bit of your work history; having the answers to these questions beforehand will enable you to produce rapid answers on the spot making you appear the stronger candidate. Attire is also an important but simple topic to remember, you don’t want to be that guy that arrives at a computer technician interview wearing shorts and flip-flops. You have to dress for success, and by saying dress for success I am insinuating for you to dress business professional, even though for some people appearance does not matter; you have to remember you’re the face of someone else’s business and you have to look as serious as you want to be

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