The Importance Of Obtaining A Career In Nursing

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Nursing is a profession full of changes and growth, and nursing is seen to be a career with multiple opportunities in a variety of options, whether it be working in a physician office, hospital, an outpatient clinic or in a patient’s home. Obtaining a higher level of education in nursing, has a significant role in the outcome of our patients. This allows nurses to perform as primary care providers when pursuing a master’s degree, become more sufficient critical thinkers, allows significant changes in salary, a wide variety of different career options and be more involved in leadership. Obtaining a bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) degree is important for an associate degree nurse to understand the effects it may have on their career,…show more content…
The program emphasizes critical decision making, thorough assessment skills and implementing independent nursing judgements that require a broad background knowledge. Obtaining a BSN degree, allows for many different career opportunities. Most areas of leadership and management in nursing require at least a bachelor’s degree, allowing many different opportunities. Some nurses are intrigued by the opportunity to become a patient care manager, work in research, perform studies on evidence based practice and work in case management and communicate with insurance companies. Being the chair of a committee in the hospital or even taking on the role in the training and development department with the responsibility of educating new nurses and employees is obtainable with a BSN. “Registered Nurses with a diploma usually learn the basics of nursing care, while nurses who hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, will have learned more communication techniques, critical thinking, and leadership skills” (Jakubik, 2017, pg 150). Obtaining a BSN has significant impacts on career advancement, and will open doors for many different career opportunities.
Payment Advances With advances in education, responsibilities and opportunities, allows for a significant increase in pay. After obtaining a BSN, many employers have a career ladder that allow nurses to achieve higher levels of pay, after completion of required courses for different roles. Some of these roles include proper training as a charge nurse, rapid response nurse or a preceptor for your department. Obtaining a BSN allows many different opportunities, which most are followed by an increase in pay.