The Importance Of Nursing The World Health Organization

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Nursing excellence sets a standard for health care organizations across the world. Nursing excellence is a continuous endeavor to strive for the best outcomes by continually pursuing education in nursing practice, optimizing health and well-being, advancing research in nursing through evidence-based practice (EBP), advocating for patients, serving as an exemplary role model in mentoring fellow nurses, and contributing to nursing organizations, political affairs, and the local community. Many nursing organizations champion nursing excellence by promoting nursing education and research, political activism, advocacy, and serving as a resource for health care systems. This discussion board will discuss two organizations that endorse nursing…show more content…
In nursing practice, this global organization influences aptitude, proficiency, superior care, leadership, trust, competencies, and setting standards of care. The WHO plays a major role in nursing education by shaping nursing curriculum, stating that a minimum of three years or 4600 hours with theory and clinical training should be completed on a full time basis (Wong et al., 2015). In nursing research, the WHO focuses on minimizing both communicable and non-communicable diseases by supporting evidence-based practice and encouraging research in daily nursing practice by evaluating nursing outcomes with quality markers (Wong et al., 2015). The WHO holds a pivotal position in augmenting nursing excellence in key arenas of advocacy for world health promotion, serving as a source of education and research for nursing practice, and rallying political activism through international alliances under the United Nations. With this solid foundation of the established organization, as a nurse, I would most definitely provide my support. The WHO upholds professional nursing standards, acts as a change agent to promote health, and influences policies on a global…show more content…
In nursing practice, the NLN’s mission aligns with extending nursing education by fostering excellence to progress a diverse team in evolving health on both national and global levels (NLN, 2016). The NLN seeks to be a leader in nursing education by setting goals and objectives. This organization plays a prominent role in nursing education by spearheading the nursing workforce with nursing certifications and examinations and serving as the main source for legislation reform. The NLN inspires students to apply professional clinical expertise to practice in an ethical manner with the utmost respect and value caring (Bavier, 2015). In nursing research, the NLN endorses evidence-based nursing education by promoting resources to foster research and evolve research initiatives to transform education in nursing (NLN, 2016). As stated in the mission, nursing excellence is an integral force for the basis of the NLN. In the NLN’s goals and objectives, the drive to be the official source of information for legislation, the emphasis to rally attention to the political, academic, and professional areas, the advocacy in setting standards of caring all around the globe, all reflect the aspirations
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