The Importance Of Nursing In Nursing

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I come from a polish catholic background. My parents immigrated to Canada in their mid-twenties and had to adapt to the language and structural barriers. Growing up, my family raised me to be a very caring person, they always put people before them, which has shaped the person I am today and still I’m becoming. Numerous women in my family work in professions that surround the aspect of caring for our society. I don’t have many family members that live in Canada, but I do have a cousin who lives nearby and she’s going to be done the nursing program at John Abbott after this semester. She was one feature of my decision-making that influenced my choice to venture on the path into becoming a nurse. She truly inspired me because she has three kids, works, didn’t finish high school and went through all the steps necessary given her hard situation to become a nurse. Also, my mom works in the…show more content…
In Poland, the men are highly dependent on the women. In the sense that women do all the home chores, cook, clean and take care of the kids and their man very efficiently, our tradition is family and people based. The women cook homemade meals at home and go the extra mile to satisfy the people around them, especially when they are sick. We have the strong notion of caring for the people around us, and making all relationships work.
There are many other factors that have impacted my mind into becoming a nurse. When I was a small girl, my mom used to take my sister and me to her work, which was at the Montreal General hospital. I remember seeing the hospital institution and being so amazed at the tools they had around, all the high tech equipment caught my eye. We would play with the wheelchairs and things they left in their shock. There would be times where we would go around and see all the patients that were allowed visitors and I remember being amazed with the care the nurses gave to the patients. The way the nurses