The Importance Of Nursing Administration

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Standard 11. Leadership
The nurse administrator leads within the professional practice setting, profession, healthcare industry, and society (ANA, 2016). Curtis communicates a compelling and inspiring vision of excellence in nursing practice within the organization and the community. He has the credentials, experiences, and legitimate power to make a difference as a nurse administrator.
Bagtas: To be successful in this kind of role, what piece of advice can you share?
Curtis: Stay current; read a lot of new information, always seeks to improve, and read books. Find out your weaknesses and try to either search how to improve, attend seminars or having a mentor. What I am working right now, is having a peer-to-peer mentorship and networking,
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Mr. Curtis promotes professional certification. For an organization to be designated as a Pathway of Excellence, means that it promotes best practices to improve nursing quality, by establishing an environment that stimulates creativity and innovation to enhance and improve nursing care as stated by ANA (2016).
Standard 15. Professional Practice Evaluation
The nurse administrator evaluates one’s own and others’ nursing practice (ANA, 2016). The nursing practice is consistent with regulatory requirements pertaining to licensure, relevant statutes, rules, and regulations (ANA, 2016). He uses organizational policies and procedures to guide the nursing professional practice.
Bagtas: What are the potential opportunities for improvement?
Curtis: Probably we can improve on opportunity to look at our customer service, such as, how do we improve the care we provide, and the service we provide. How we transition patients from inpatient to outpatient, and improving on getting the residents to use the outpatient services we have. We can do many outpatient prevention treatments and we are capable of that. In our emergency center last year, we saw 85, 000 patients, that is a huge volume, we really need to improve on that, and have the physicians use the outpatient clinics to reduce the volume from
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