The Importance Of Neutrality

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Nadine Gordimer, a prolific South African writer, once stated “a truly living human being cannot remain neutral.” Neutrality, which can be best defined as not supporting either side of an argument, is a difficult concept to wrap one’s mind around in the pursuit of knowledge. Humans are fervent beings by nature, and even when remaining unbiased may be of use, we struggle to push our personal opinions to the side and adopt a tolerant persona. As we continue to advance as a society, it is critical to observe whether or not complete neutrality in fact exists so that we can alter the way in which we filter information that is given to us. And so it can be asked, to what extent is true objectivity in the search for knowledge possible? While looking at natural sciences and religious knowledge systems, we can assess the degree to which neutrality is plausible. As far as the area of natural sciences go, it is often assumed that it is a mostly neutral subject. When observing the…show more content…
In other words, does removing the bias from organized spirituality simply defeat the purpose of it? When a professor is instructing their class on different types of religion, the students would not acquire a well-rounded comprehension on a certain way of believing just from a far-removed, impersonal standpoint. To gain an ample perspective, they would need to participate in a religious ceremony or interact with a member of the faith. The argument here would then change from whether or not religious neutrality is plausible, to if it would be harmful to our cultural awareness as humans. It is a concept that must be addressed when forming a cumulative opinion on the importance of neutrality when attaining
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