The Importance Of Negative Essay

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Medical treatments promote recovery (sobriety) under the direction of licensed healthcare providers. By learning more about evidence-based treatments, you can work with your healthcare providers to choose an effective treatment that’s right for you. Evidence-based treatments have a proven record of effectiveness and safety verified through scientific studies or years of use. However, no treatment is 100 percent effective and 100 percent safe. That is why all treatments must be under the supervision of a healthcare provider. Like most physicians, I use evidence-based treatments because they offer my patients the best opportunity for a good outcome. These same treatments are available to you. In the next six chapters, I describe six evidence-based…show more content…
The next seven sections of this chapter focus on therapeutic issues crucial for maintaining sobriety. TRIGGERS THAT LEAD TO RELAPSE Triggers, or cues are powerful mental reminders of a pleasurable response that can lead to a relapse. It’s like tasting the ice cream when you see the ice cream shop. A trigger is analogous to firing a gun: if you answer the cue (pull the trigger), relapse is certain (the gun will fire). Failure to pay attention to triggers can easily undermine your recovery. To avoid pulling the “relapse trigger,” you must change “People, Places, and Things.” Changing People Associating with active substance abusers increases the risk of relapse. Seeing someone shooting up or getting “high” is a powerful trigger for relapse. Being the only one in the group trying to stay clean and sober is nearly impossible. Maintaining unhealthy associations is one of the most powerful of all factors promoting relapse. Here are a few suggestions to avoid these negative…show more content…
If it is nighttime, and the addict wants it to be daytime, then daytime it is. If sober and offered a painkiller, the addict may reason, “I can handle it; surely one pill won’t ruin my sobriety, right?” It is an internal dialog, always for what the addict wants the truth to be. Rationalization hinders recovery. Substance abuse therapy can help uncover the subtleties of rationalization. As is true for everyone, the choices we make come with consequences, regardless of rationalization. Self-Centeredness Sadly, using drugs changes personalities for the worse, never the better. At the very height of addiction, addicts become increasingly self-centered and oblivious to the needs and rights of others. Difficulties with anger management, recurrent conflicts with family and friends, selfishness, trouble with the law, lying, manipulation, and deceit are the norm. At the height of self-centeredness, addicts may choose drugs over their children, only to bitterly regret that decision years later. Recognizing self-centeredness can be difficult despite the negative impact it has on you and those around you. Therapy can help increase awareness of

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