The Importance Of Naughty Children

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Reviewing the news recently, we will find out that there are so many crazy things which have been done by the naughty kids. They have a common ground that they have received too much love and connivance from the whole society. They can do whatever they want to do on condition that they can enjoy their cozy life offered by their parents. At least, they should be told what is responsibility and how to take their responsibility.
To begin with, it is more likely to see these phenomena as illustrated as follows more easily than before. Naughty children screamed in the train and the plane, making harsh sounds endlessly and they make slapstick in the mall, restaurants and other crowded places, leading to chaos. What is more, wild kids hit people as
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As people's living standards get greatly enhanced nowadays, it's natural for parents to offer their children whatever they want. As for parents, all they do aims for children's good and it's also their responsibility to provide their children with a desultory life. But they actually neglect the significance of excellent education and bad consequences that will bring on children's growth. Parents have no ability to accompany children forever, and children should also learn self-reliance before they become grown-ups. The problem of spoiling children has become more common than these days. Some of our children in China are developed by the tradition of the family and appear deformed. The kid is an apple in the eyes of parents, which can be said that the child from the moment he came to the world has been deeply linked to the parents’ hearts. Parental love for children can develop to the extent of spoiling. For instance, when the kid fell to the ground, parents will not hesitate to rush for help. As a result, the traditional family doting began to put into practice. Furthermore, teachers are not attaching great significance to the ethics education. On the contrary, too much effort is contributed to the pure knowledge. Most importantly, The Law of the Protection of Juveniles protects the physical and psychological security of the minors lest Chinese minors live under the protection of the law. This law can…show more content…
And the first step, for my part, is to raise parents' quality and enhance the meaning of family education. “Parents plays an important role in a child’s life, providing guidance and morals needed for the future.” says miakouna, writer of Hubpages, who suggest that without proper teaching and structure, the child’s likelihood to deviate to a life of crime is increased due to the family. This is an explanation of how a child’s delinquency is influenced by the parenting decisions and disciplines given to a child. To my mind, families are the cells of society, the cradle of hope, where juveniles live and learn new knowledge. To some extent, home is the first place where children receive education, and parents are the first teachers of the children. Therefore, family education on the growth of children is extremely significant, and even affects the child's life. Parents are the first teachers of their children. The qualities of family pass by generations which indicates that sensational parental education will provide their children with subtle influence. It is advised that parents would better create a harmonious, democratic family atmosphere where parents teach children by precept and example and affect the kids’ personalities by environment. The next step, from my point of view, is the school education. School education shall adhere to the principle of moral
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