The Importance Of Naps

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Valeria Garcia English 7 HP Sesky/Period 4 March 12, 2014 Naps You are at your desk and you are trying so hard to do your homework and actually concentrate, but you can’t. You took a little nap and when you woke up, you did your homework like in ten minutes thanks to the mini nap you took a while ago. Well, you may be wondering why naps are involved. There are many reasons why. Naps can help you stay more alert, help your cognitive performance, and it helps improve the mood you are in. Other people disagree and say that they make you feel more sleepy and tired, but in reality, people should take naps because they have many benefits that can help people of all ages. Many people who have jobs at night can really use a nap to help them not get fired. “Catnaps”, or short naps, can help people in night shift jobs because these people are falling asleep during their job, and when they take a nap, their alertness is way better. As a result, the workers can reduce the mistakes they do while working. For example, doctors that work at night can take a nap because most likely, they are sleep- ...

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