The Importance Of NSA Security And Privacy

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NSA Security and Privacy Hollee Candido Thesis 4.28.14 Safety or freedom? That is the question the American people have to decide. With the new release of information regarding the NSA, or national security agency, it is clear that we cannot have one with the other. The NSA is, and continues to, take away our constitutional rights in the name of our safety. After 9/11 there was a huge pull towards safety. The nation was shaken and afraid, we needed protection. But where has that protection gotten us? The price it came at was our constitutional rights, and its time for the American people to reassess the situation and decide whether or not they’ve changed their minds. The government has done a good job of proving that we cannot have both freedom and safety, and now its time to chose which is more important to us as a nation. The NSA is a United States intelligence agency first created in 1952 by President Truman. Its purpose is to fight and prevent terrorist efforts, operating under the Department of Defense. In 2013 a NSA contractor named Edward Snowden released information to the public that showed the NSA was collecting citizen cell phone data, as well as other personal data, without their knowledge. The NSA’s statement, regarding their recording of personal information, was that it was a necessary action to prevent and stop terrorist organizations. Up until about a year ago, the NSA’s surveillance on the American people and its collection of their personal records was unknown. But whistle blower Edward Snowden changed that. Edward Snowden was a NSA contractor who stole a trove of the programs classified documents and leaked them. Snowden first went to the Guardian, a British newspaper, with his informatio... ... middle of paper ... ...nt collect the bulk data. However, the data is still getting collected. As a nation that was founded on the right to freedom, we have journeyed a long way in the wrong direction. We have found loopholes and amended our laws, making them less and less about freedom each time. The Patriot Act in the first place should never have been passed, as it takes away the majority of the American people’s rights. Because the law was made after 9/11 people were in a panic and wanted security, but it seems, by the amount of people enraged at the government for collecting their information, that this is no longer the case. It’s time for the American people to take back their rights and stop letting their constitution be violated by their government. Given the strong reactions about the NSA’s illegal activities, it appears that there needs to be a reassessment: safety or freedom?
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