The Importance Of Mythology In The Classroom

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Jasmine Horton Dr. Bottoms Mythology April 29, 2014 Teaching students in the 21st century can be challenging yet rewarding. With the increase in technology, it has become a challenge to get students to see that there is importance in reading older literature and writing on paper. There are many ways to relate mythology in a public school setting. Teaching mythology is an opportunity to break barriers that have been established before students walk in the room. When students are able to see that people are different and even their peers come from different backgrounds, it allows freedom and unity to be common in the classroom. Teaching classical and global mythology to students can serve as a stepping-stone to help them see the world in a different way as well as increase their level of intelligence. Another reason teaching mythology in the classroom is important is because it allows the students to see how works from different time periods relate to the world that we live in today. One great way to teach students myth would be to read some of the educator’s favorites and allow the students mind to run wild before they begin to write their own myths. The study of myth allows us to understand other cultures and allows us to realize many human values that we have in common. Allowing a mythology class in the high school allows students to see the similarities in many of the books and tv shows that they watch today. It also serves as a way to get students interested in writing and reading about ancient literature. Many English words are found in mythology and this course would serve as a lesson to the English language. Students can use what thy have learned from mythology in other classes and make connections to the real-world... ... middle of paper ... ...tter understanding that this is a philosophy. It focuses on devotion and rituals. One main principle of Confucianism is to live in agreement to complete duties for a position established in society. Overall, myths have influenced our world in various ways known and unknown. By allowing mythology to be taught in the classroom, students will better comprehend diversity, language differences, cultural beliefs, ancient writings, and be able to formally articulate different historical myths. Mythology is a great part of SC standards as it contains moral beliefs and cultural norms of societies, includes historical information, and represents numerous cultures that can be compared to modern day living. Having a mythology class in our District would increase student involvement in outside activities, knowledge, and appreciation for the world in which we live.

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