The Importance Of My Writing Process

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Everybody has different ways and styles of writing and the process it takes to achieve it. Some write all their ideas down and brainstorm on ways to include it. Taking hours and hours to figure out the right word to use. Spending days on researching the topic, so they know that they know the topic. On the other hand, some take the more relaxed route and writes everything that comes to their mind on the topic, puts their name on it and turns it in without even rereading it. My approach to writing any sort of text has a little bit of both of the examples I used above. When given a writing assignment, my writing process goes through several different stages. I do spend hours of figuring out my ideas and researching what need to be researched.
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Every year I add something different to my process that makes it better than the year before. My writing process developed at the hands of every English teacher I have had. Every teacher teaches different, yet they all intertwine perfectly in my head. Going back to my example of the two different students, I said I was a bit of both. You may have wondered how and this is my explanation. One teacher taught me that getting my ideas out on paper first will help with the organization of my paper. She said that even if my ideas don’t make any sense I should write them down because you never know what you need in an essay. She would often quote Terry Pratchett “the first draft is just telling yourself the story”. I firmly believe that she is the reason I feel comfortable sharing my ideas. On the other end of the scale, I have another teacher who taught me about the fundamentals of an essay. She was far more critical than the previous teacher, yet she had the same amount of impact on my writing process. It is thanks to her that I spend time looking at my sentences and structure of my essay. All the teachers in between the two I mentioned played a role in constructing my process. From focusing on diction all the way down to the use of a comma, they have impacted the way I write an

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