The Importance Of My Vocation To God

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God’s vocation is the call to the purpose of each one of his children and what their role in life truly needs consist of. Only living sixteen years of my life I can already understand what God has chosen my vocation to consist of. During the beginning of my childhood, I was involved of in a variety of sports and having an active lifestyle. During my fourth birthday party, I was introduced to ice hockey. I found the sport as something that I was able to spend hours pursuing and was eventually able to take over my entire life. Being only twelve years old I was accepted on my first travel team and my career truly took off from there. At age fourteen I really saw what my true calling was. I attended a hockey camp In Lake Placid, New York where…show more content…
God is calling me to be a nutritionist and at the age of sixteen I can study the profession and start the journey to the healthiest lifestyle possible. My vocation is not just inspired by sports but from the fact, there are thousands of overly obese people in the United States that die from stroke, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes every year. Through my messages from God its if he wants me to save those people. At sixteen I can study my vocation by researching all the causes for heart disease, dedicating myself to my food diary, and studying the food that can impact one's entire life. In the future, I am planning on attending college at Pennsylvania State and majoring in nutritional science. The program will be able to expose me the hundreds of different resources and people that eventually help me fulfill my vocation to God. During college, I can continue my path on observing of nutrition by part taking in internships at hospitals and getting part-time jobs at gyms to work as a personal trainer. Being a personal trainer will already be one of the ways I’ll be able to fulfill my vocation and I’ll be able to help hundreds of people get on the right track to have the healthy lifestyle they…show more content…
Martha. St. Martha lived in the town of Bethany near Jerusalem. She was the sister of Mary and Lazarus. The family was dear friends of Jesus and were also anxious once he came to visit, "Jesus loved Martha and Mary and Lazarus,"(St. Martha - Saint & Angels). Martha continued to serve the lord whenever he came to visit. One day when Martha was cooking Jesus and his disciples. Martha realized that her sister Mary could be of great use. She went to Jesus and asked for her help and Jesus said, “Martha Martha, you are anxious about many things, but only one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the better part.” St. Martha adored Jesus she trusted him with the life of her and the rest of her family, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” St. Martha is the patron saint of all the chores that seem tedious and unpleasant to accomplish but her role is to give us the joyful attitude to complete them, patron saint of servants and cooks, (Biography of St.

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