The Importance Of My Personality

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Being unique is a quality that everyone fulfills in one way or another. The thing that makes me unique is that I tend to be very humble and confident, yet misunderstood due to my independence. Although being confident makes me very open to others I also am a very quiet person who enjoys alone time and has no problem being alone due to the high amount of independence I have. Being humble is a feature that comes with my personality. I am a caring and loving person so being humble is big for me. In being humble I am not self centered, I am focused on the happiness of those around me as well as my own. I have always been humble and growing up the trait only grew stronger for me. I am not scared to try new things or put myself in others shoes…show more content…
I have very well self confidence, so I have strong leadership skills along with wanting to lead myself and others around me to success. Confidence comes as a satisfication to me. I think the more confident you have to bring to the table the better off you are, with that being said though I continue to show my humbleness in my confident side. I stay confident while also not having a big head about it. I let the humble side and confident side of my personality combine in a way. With being confident I have to still stay very humble so that I do not get to ahead of myself. With being humble and having confidence it also brings out the misunderstood side of me. Many of my friends and family often question the amount of time I prefer to stay alone and do things independently. Although I see this as a good quality, most do not. They worry that too much alone time is not good for me. I strongly believe that independence is a good trait to have for yourself. When asked to go out and go to things such as parties or maybe even just out to eat, I tend to say no because I know their are many more productive things that I could do by simply being by

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