The Importance Of My Mother And God With God

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As a child, my mother encouraged her children to attend church services both on Sunday and throughout the week. The connection my mother had with God was evident through her daily way of living. My family is large and diverse. My mother’s family was led by the matriarch of the family, which was my grandma, Lucille. This woman was the epitome of a warrior. She had a total of 13 children and ten were girls. So it is no coincidence that my mother is the strong woman. My grandmother believed in God, but her faith was watered down by other practices like superstitious activity and idolizing things. Although, my grandmother did not understand some of the things she did were associated with ungodly ways. However, my mother and her siblings were introduced to God as children through neighborhood churches. Where the pastor would come around the neighborhood to pick up the children for Sunday school and church services. Which is when my mother got her first real knowledge of God. As my mother grew up, church was a constant part of her life. She gave her life to the Lord and never looked back. My father’s family was different in the males were very dominant. The women were influential while holding down the home front as the men provided a…show more content…
Everyone knew our last name and there was an extremely large amount of respect that accompanied it. Or so I was lead to believe. My paternal great-grandfather, Papa Jim had a white father and a black mother. He owned his own business during a time when men of color did not. I might add he was often times mistaken for a white man. My great grandfather gave many of the black families a chance to earn money to feed their families. Even with my great grandfather’s helpful nature, there were those who resented him for his success. That resentment was passed down through those families in the same manner heirlooms are passed down through family
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