The Importance Of My Life In High School

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In my high school career, I have had victories and failures each one gave me a new perspective on life a new way to live my life without procrastination or low self esteem on my ability to be all I can be, I love that high school made me into a more confident and strong minded person I am sad that this is my last year but that just means I’m opening a new chapter in my book of life.

The first experience was in freshman year when I took Spanish I was doing badly in the class getting F’s and D’s because foreign language I figured out in my high school journey was not my strong suit. I thought that it was gonna be all over at the end of the semester because I really couldn’t fail the class my parents are so strict about how well I do in class
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Math was always confusing to me no one could really get through to me about how it really worked, my parents even started paying for tutoring at this tutoring place and we stopped because she couldn 't get through to me either. I had one good year in math freshman year I had it all together I was getting A’s and B’s left and right the assistant teacher just knew I knew how to do it. It all just fell apart after that year geometry, I couldn’t handle geometry I always dangled on the edge of a C in that class I needed to keep that up, because my parents would have grounded me for the whole summer if I got a D so I did my best to keep a C. The fist final of the year, it wasn’t easy, but the test we took before we did in groups so I had people who knew what they were doing to help me through it was an easy B which boosted my grade enough to get a C for my final grade in the first semester which saved me from my parents grounding me. It was going pretty bad I had homework assignments that I didn’t do because most nights I would just get a headache and just fall asleep because I didn 't understand how to do it. I still had to do the study guide and the other study guides so I didn’t get it all done, I wasn’t studying and the night before the final I studied as hard as I could because I knew what I needed to get a C so I studied as much as I
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