The Importance Of My Life

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I come from parents who arrived on these shores with two suitcases, about two decades ago. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, shuttling to India and back as an infant in the care of my grandparents, as my parents worked to establish our roots in this land and to fulfill their dreams. My own dreams and aspirations are rooted in my concern for my fellow man and the drive to creating something tangible to help others. I dream of creating machines or devices that impact lives. The child in me wants to build futuristic exo-suits and bionic limbs to help disabled people. And, as I get older, my interests have evolved as they have become better informed by the disciplines of math, logic and genetics. The complexities surrounding the fundamental…show more content…
When I first joined the crew team in the spring of my freshman year, I fell in love with the sport and wanted to do better. I started taking my exercise and sports more seriously during my sophomore year and started to work a little extra in order to bridge the gap between me and the more athletic guys on the team. I showed a lot of improvement, but I wasn 't satisfied with how much it was. I aimed for the top boat my junior year. I began the year waking up at 6 every day to go workout, on top of the afternoon sports commitments I had. I devoted as much time as I could, to rowing in order to achieve that goal. When the season started I found myself just barely out of reach, as I ended up being the alternate for the first boat. I was disheartened, ready to quit and almost stopped trying to improve. I realized then that my goal was a bit unrealistic, as I was trying to do what my team mates did since their elementary/middle school years, in a short span of two years. I resolved then, and now strive, to achieve my goal this year. As I look back at this experience, I realize that I relish challenges, no matter the odds, and that I am drawn to pursuits that are hard or don’t come easy to me. When the monotony of school hits, I love taking time away from reality to daydream. It’s easy to get caught up with the demands of our fast-paced world, when the pressures build up. Every now and then I take time to sit down and just daydream about having superpowers, being the main character in a sci-fi novel, or even fantasize about being the ‘world 's greatest’ at something. Such brief escapes from reality help me relax, stir the imagination, allow me to decompress and emerge

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