The Importance Of My Life

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Did you ever heard the saying "life happens in mysterious ways" or "things happen when you least expect it"? For these words were true for me. I never even imagine my parents would ever get a divorce. Of course, my parents ' have their disagreements, but what couples doesn 't. I always thought these issues could be resolved, but I guess not at least not in their case. After my parents ' divorce were final my mother has won custody over me and my siblings. We moved away from Franklin and settled into Centerville and at that moment my life started to change.
My Siblings and I attended Centerville high school. Which was exceptionally different compared to Franklin 's school? Centerville school was a combination of Elementary, Jr. high, and High
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So twice every week my counselor would come to check to see how things going for me. At first, I didn 't feel comfortable expressing my emotions, especially to a stranger I barely even know. Although, I was not making it easier for my counselor he was very patience with me and waiting for me open up when I was ready. As time goes by it felt like I wasn 't even talking to a stranger, but a friend I been known for years. He would listen to my frustration and concerns. He would make me do an activity like drawing or writing and use this to describe my family, school, friends, and emotions. He would conduct me by watching me to see if I am interacting with other people and how I was behaving in class. I would always be happy when it was my counseling section time not only I can leave from class, but also it’s a good stressed reliever. Whether it was from having it in school or my family life. It felt nice to have someone listen to me and take me seriously. I was slowly, but surely accepting things as it is and I was ready to move on. I started interacting with people and started to make friends. I became very calm and happy that I didn’t have anxiety or depression anymore. I was doing so well in my counseling session It came to the point where I didn 't need it anymore. On my last counseling session, my counselor gave me the advice
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