The Importance Of My Life

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I like to believe I grew up really fast. Although I had a wonderful childhood, I was not oblivious to the realities, and challenges of life. As a result of my parents getting a divorce, my outlook on life altered at a young age. The separation changed an important factor in my life, but without it, I doubt I would still be the same person I am today. Back in 2010, you could find me walking home from sixth grade with a few of my best friends, Alexa and Isley. Of course, on the way home we could never skip stopping at Kim’s Place, (our favorite place to get ice cream) to get some after school snacks with the twenty dollar bills our parents would give us, just in case we would need it. While walking with our tasty treats, we would giggle and…show more content…
Even though they would halt their arguments when I walked in, that didn’t mean I couldn’t physically feel the tense awkwardness between them in the silence. Sometimes, the silence was even worse than the yelling. Yet, with their efforts to keep me from hearing, I was not oblivious. I became aware that my mom was getting cut from her job, and that my dad’s job was going through cuts at the same time also. Although, what I was oblivious to was how much the fortunes of my life were going to…show more content…
When they finally separated, it was like I was exposed to all the harsh realities of life. My mom had lost her job, which meant she had lost a steady income. Just to make ends meet, she went back to school, worked full time cutting hair, as well as working part time bartending. SInce getting divorced, she moved out of the lovely house on Hidden Ridges, and into an apartment complex. With bills to pay, and the economy being in hard times, my mom and I moved from apartment to apartment eleven times after the divorce. I will never forget the embarrassed and shameful look on my mother 's face when a stranger knocked on our door to collect her car. My life was definitely changing, and it seemed like it was happening in warp speed. My mother and I no longer went to the mall after school for something fun to do. Going out to eat five times a week no longer was an option. DInners went from splurging at Olive Garden, to left over Stouffer’s lasagna from the nights before. It was clear that money was tight.
Things were just as stressful when I would pack my suitcase at the end of the week to go to my dad’s for the next seven days. Still barely living in our house on Hidden Ridges, he was holding on to his job as they were going through cuts. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hold on much longer. His job as a pharmaceutical salesman was gone, and soon our house would be too. The bank
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