The Importance Of My Life

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702 words

All my life I was only good at one thing: school. I took my education very seriously. I studied every opportunity I got. I always did my homework, got my work done on time, tried to be the best --at one point I may have been. You see, I was always on the honor roll, a straight A student. I received valedictorian in middle school and continued to succeed academically in high school. But, it wasn’t until my junior year in high school that my perfect record would slip. I just transferred into a school that was renowned for being rigorous and fast pace. After the first month of attendance, I had yet to adjust to this new environment. My grades started to slip no matter how much I tried. I started to become the student I never wanted to be, the one who had to work extra hard just to maintain a B average. There was a point when I came to the conclusion that I would transfer back to my previous school. I decided that taking college and high school class simultaneously was not for me. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they took their education very seriously and continued to succeed academically in high school until they transferred to a rigorous, fast-paced school. after the first month of attendance, their grades started to slip.
  • Narrates how their counselor reminded them that what they should do does not define who they will be.
  • Explains that the academic struggle conjured them to realize that not everything in life comes so easily. they believe that working hard will help them succeed.
  • Opines that they have a strong desire to help anyone while on this earth. today's youth can easily be corrupted by all the madness that is occurring in the world.

I may not have been the student with the best grades in the classroom or received straight A’s, but maybe I was not meant to. Upon entering this program, I was overly confident of myself. When my grades were not as high as I expected, I lost my confidence and began to doubt my ability to achieve success. But when my counselor said those words, it made me feel like he had faith in me. It prompted me to prove to myself that I can do better, and I did. It was not easy at first, but eventually my grades went up and I began to worry less. The work of course remained difficult, but I learned to adjust. To some, this may be viewed as a life lesson, but I consider this an academic achievement for

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