The Importance Of My Life

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In everyday life, we spend the majority of our life in the eduction system and barely know it. From kindegarten to college, we all sit down in a classroom by either an instructor or teacher constantly edcuating our minds of the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics. In my life, two crucial years of my life were my high school and college years. These two aspects of my life played integral part of how i was in before and how i am presently. From these two periods of time, i grew to become more friendly from being an introvert, more intimate with family from being distant, and become more out-going from being anti-social. In highschool, I was known to be an introvert or lonely. All of my classmates around me were the wrong crowd…show more content…
While in highschool, a series of misforutne events happened to where my father got remarried and had two kids. During the time, we are living together but had to relocated and living accomadations where cramped. I moved to live with my step-grandma as permanent solution to the problem; the problem was only yet to begin. The overall atmosphere of my step-grandmother 's house was not very welcoming; she gave smallest and dirtest of rooms out of the three empty rooms in her house and, the only intent or motive for bring me into the house was to use a maid to clean and cook for her to relax. In addition, she was not accepting me added to her family and her side family adopted the same ways which resulted into me exponentially hating my residence there. Hence, when moving to my aunt 's house for college I greatly appreciated their act of kindness. She provided me with three square meals a day, two, cozy beds, a work space of homework, unconditional love and a respectable, parental figure to look to for advice. It proves to show that I clearly hated living with my step-family, who I deem as strangers, and found greater appreciation and the signifigance their of
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