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“110%” Because of my mothers’ negligence and my fathers’ absence, burdening my grandparents, aunts, and uncles had become an annual tradition. After my grandmothers turn was cut short from an unexpected gangrene infection I was hauled to Georgia to live with my uncle in January of 2010. This was the middle of my 7th grade year and I was in critical condition. My heart was failing from the calamity of having to leave my dying grandmother alone in New Jersey. Eating was no longer a possibility, for the only thing I could taste was the pungency of fear blended thoroughly with the gritty hatred I’d developed for my missing father. And my bones. My poor bones. I could feel them breaking one after the other, each time I chose to fight past my afflictions. The ambiguity of my survival could be seen in everything I did, especially in school. Popularity was my main focus while learning became an unavoidable vexation, and my grades mirrored my attitude. This …show more content…

My 4.2 GPA was proof of all the hard work that was dedicated to both my AP and college courses. However, academia was not the only thing that consumed my time. I was a Student Council representative, member of NHS (National Honors Society), as well as NSHSS (National Society of High School Scholars) and by the end of the year gained the title of “Student of the Year". My mother was no match for my fortitude. Therefore, after our water and electricity was turned off during the hottest months Arizona had to offer the decision to make my junior year, not only my best year but my last, was a simple one. Doubling all of my classes and working tirelessly rewarded me with over 120 volunteer hours, a perfect score on my senior project, a high school diploma, an acceptance letter to Pennsylvania State University, and the overbearing knowledge that I did it. I made it out of my childhood

In this essay, the author

  • Recounts how they were burdened by their mother's negligence and fathers' absence. they were forced to leave their dying grandmother alone in new jersey.
  • Recounts how they became proactive about their education, pleading for ap courses, and making their favorite quote a lifestyle. giving back to their community kept them pure and humble.
  • Describes how their 4.2 gpa was proof of all the hard work that was dedicated to both ap and college courses. they were a student council representative, member of nhs, and nshss.
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