The Importance Of My Life

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1850 words
1850 words

My mother has always told me, even when we were at the airport, she was constantly repeating herself, and I thought she was going crazy. She said 'Guenael. I love so much, and well do. Sometimes, in life. We go through many struggle that will make give up on our lives. And people will notice you 're weakness and use that against you to bring you down. So, don 't get intimidated by it. You 're smart. You can do it” Never ever get discourage. Pray harder when life hit you on the ground”. As she was given this speech, I was playing with my robot toy and thinking of what was the importance of the long dull speech while I thought that life couldn 't be as destructive as an earthquake. But, now, I have to realized that, everything she said were …show more content…

Thank God to the free food at school. But, the only problem was that, you could only take one plate of food. They usually gave me a little amount of food, and I ussually ask my friends to go and get me food, since they dislike the cafeteria food. Since, we were seniors, they decided to made us a field trip, and it was only $5 dollars. I asked my father for permission. He said no. All of the class were going, except me. My friend, Peterson felt bad and gave me the $5.00 to pay for the field trip. The day of the field trip. I pretended that I was going to school. But, instead, I was going to the field trip. I put clothes in my bag to change. Peterson also gave me his sneaker to put on, because at that time, I only had a boot. Even in the summer, I put on my boot. When I got home. While I was in the shower, my stepmother went in my bag, and saw the clothes and the trophy I won at soccer game. She then, told my father when he got home. After I showered. My father called me and said, why did I put different cloths in my bag. I didn 't say anything, and I got beat and insulted. I passed the English exam, and I was graduating. I was happy. My hard word paid off. My father 's friend attended my junior high school graduation. My father claimed 'I have

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they screamed in the inside, yes, they need help. they were sitting aroudn adults, who were triple their age, but had fun.
  • Narrates how they used to sneak into the classroom and hide in the back because shawn couldn't see them. after two-three months, they spotted another opportunity for english learners called "teenbiz3000".
  • Narrates how they were the only kid who had to leave early and blamed themselves for stealing from the dollar store with friends.
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