The Importance Of My Life

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Life is all about challenges and how you overcome them. In my life, I have been able to achieve countless things of which I’m proud of. I have graduated high school, I have a steady job, and I am currently on my way to earning my degree. Yet the most important achievement of my life has been to surpass my biggest challenge so far. If people were to look at my life and the way I live it, they would probably think that I have it all. In truth, I must say that my life is not one of many complications. However, life has not always been this simple and pleasant. Up until I was five years old, life was effortless. All I had to worry about was whether or not I would have enough time to play all my favorite games and about the yucky vegetables I…show more content…
For December, my dad would buy a ticket to Guatemala and fly there for the whole month. Every Christmas was more than getting gifts, having dinner and watching Christmas movies. Christmas was a very important holiday for my family because it gave us the chance to become a real family for at least a month. Everyday was full of cheer, love and warmth in our house. As the years went on and we got older, saying goodbye got more and more difficult. On the year 2008, my dad assured us that this would be the last time we were ever apart. He promised that if no progress was made with our citizenship, that we would all stay in Guatemala and continue our life as a united family…show more content…
I am no longer afraid of change, in fact, I embrace it. At one point in my life, I literally changed my entire way of living. Sure, it was scary and nerve racking at times, but at the end of the day, we survived the change and thrived to make every situation the best that we could. Now when life throws the unexpected at me, I welcome the scary change and make it work in my favor. Life is always going to be difficult and confusing. I’ve made my peace with that, however, I refuse to run away from life 's challenges. That is what I am the most proud

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