The Importance Of My Life

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You live and learn throughout life. Life is what you make it. The lord send you through a lot to show you things. Also for you to be a better person. The tasks he send you through are test to help you grow and be a better person
August 27, 2014 is when my life fell apart. My oldest brother was murdered. I didn’t know what to do. It was hard dealing with my brother death and trying to focus on the positive things. I prayed and asked god to clear my mind. I thought it was the end of the world. I started giving up with on life. My mind was ever where I couldn’t even think straight. My life wasn’t the same. I had thoughts about killing myself. Losing my brother was a big part of me. If you know me you know that I love my brothers with my all and treat them like they are my kids. Not begin able to see my brother, joke with him, not seeing him smile, or his text message when I wake up is hard. Then my senior year slowly approached. I started messing school a lot. I was at that point in my life where I was just like forget everything school, sports, and my life. I didn’t care about anything
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I went through the worst pains every the contractions oh my god I swear they hurtled so bad .My labor when from 2:00 in the morning to 1:34 that evening. Then my handsome little boy Caisen Marquise Walker was born. Only thing I could do is cry. After I had my son things where good for a while then went right back to the same thing. I just had to let it go and move on with my life. That was best for my child and also give my child a better life. After me and my boyfriend broke up his family started messing with me about my baby. Saying my baby wasn’t for him and threating me about my baby. My boyfriend started disrespecting me trying to take my son from me and threating to beat me. I was scared and didn’t know what to do because, every time I called the police they said we had a child together it nothing that they can do about
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