The Importance Of My Life

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Many individuals expect life to be easy for everyone. I believe that some individuals have more obstacles in life than others. The reason I believe so, is because I had to deal with certain issues throughout high school that I know some people deal with on a daily basis and some people don 't have to go through it at all. I come from a different family culture and things are very different when someone lives in the United States and has a culture that is completely different than the American culture. The laws here states that child abuse is illegal and not acceptable. I believe that happens to be true. My parents, well my mom, did not believe so. I dealt with many beatings throughout my high school career but decided to ignore it and continue with my daily life. I then decided to tell an…show more content…
I was distracted my first two years of high school because of course, there had been many changes in my life. But once junior year came, it all changed. Teachers started talking about colleges more often and even though I had been distracted before, I still wanted to have a future for myself. It had become harder for me to stay focused in school because things were getting worse at home, a lot worse. I got to the point to where I told my librarian, Mrs. McMillan, a person who I trust completely, and she went by protocol and reported the situation. Next thing I know, I 'm on the phone with social services, they become more involved with me at school. They don 't really keep things as private as they should because teachers found out, students found out and it was very stressful for me to deal with. They interviewed my mom and she lied about everything. I had proof of marks on myself, but since my mom received a phone call and she knew social services were going to visit her, she made marks on herself to make it seem like it was a physical altercation. I had lost the battle my junior year, but it was not over

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