The Importance Of My Goals In Life

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When many are asked the question, “What are your goals in life?” many already have an answer; wealth, happiness, a career they’ve always wanted. But for me, it’s been a subject that’s changed and been reconstructed countless times. I had gone back and forth between furthering my education in music, then the arts, even writing. When I got older, I realized that the support I needed to achieve my goals in the art industry, especially special effects makeup, were unapparent, which changed a lot of my future options. Along with this, being in an area such as Northeast PA didn’t offer any guidance or secondary education for the field. I do believe that now that I attend Marywood, some of the core values that we are taught will help me accomplish my goal of showing my creativity to the absolute fullest in the work I put out in the world.…show more content…
Marywood will help and encourage me even further to make risky decisions, even if I may fall down and possibly fail sometimes. I know that with empowerment from Marywood, I will be able to have confidence in what I do and be happy with my decisions as I grow, through learning many skills and high levels of education in the theatre and artistic world. I also believe that with Marywood’s help, I’m going to be building stepping stones to other learning as well, such as possibly taking classes later on in prop designs, painting, screenwriting, and special effects

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