The Importance Of My Future Career

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In regards to a future career, I am still undecided. I do have some ideas of a future occupation, but I am not fully positive. When I choose a major I was to be very serious about it and have completed much research about it. My main concerns are that I will rush into a major, or career I don’t like and waste my time here at college. I’m nervous I won’t have the right skills or values as well. This is why I haven’t been able to easily make a major, or career choice. The first occupation I looked into was VCT. I have been strongly considering VCT since my senior year of high school. I was always very artistic throughout schooling and took many art classes. I never wanted to be an art major, and VCT seemed like a perfect fit for me. I do believe I poses some…show more content…
I also realized that communication is my main and strongest skill. I feel like I need a job with strong communication skills required. Also, I have always wanted a job that I can help people with their personal problems. I enjoy helping others and listening to their problems. The only concern I have for this job is that I am not emotionally strong and that is an important requirement for this job. In the field of psychology one must have to deal with others personal problems that tend to be very sad. Another main concern I have is the schooling. I read online that a bachelor’s degree in the psychology field isn’t very useful. Often, people with this level of degree end up in jobs they don’t want and these jobs have a low pay. One student said for the amount of time and hard work you put into college doesn’t pay off in with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The pay isn’t that great and the job isn’t either she said. Lots of psychology students online said that it is a better idea to get your doctorate degree. This is not something I want to do. I’ll have to keep researching to find better options. I would consider getting a master’s degree though if
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