The Importance Of My Family

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In modern life, we have belonged to own family. The families have complicated relationship between family members. We like to think of the family as a haven in a harsh world, but in fact, inequality begins at home. Some children are born in a complete family, they are very happy; Some children are born in a single-parent family, their personality are different from other, and even the lack of a sense of security; On the other hand, the children followed the father or mother that went to the reorganization of the family, they will probably get more love. However, some families have two children or more than two children, Parents give children love may be equal, on the contrary is unfair. Men and women characteristics are different. They do the same thing, but their ideas are not the same. Finally, we know the race is not certainty. However, the race powerful can get more powerful, smaller race will become more weak. But we need to remember the future is in own hands. My family is traditional family. Now we are three generations, our family has a total of 57 people that including…show more content…
We are different from other families. Because of we have a lot of good ideas for the family. My parents teach us good traditional, then they accept new ideas in the present society. Let me learn to equality, sharing can make people happy. People have difficulties, we should help each other. Regardless of the gender differences between man and woman, and they do the same thing that the result may be different. In modern society, we need to make ourselves become strong. In the end, I was born in this family that I am very proud. I have a hero 's father; there is also a very good mother, even so many good relatives. We should help each other, increase each other 's feelings. Don 't care what type about your family. Remember the family as a haven in a harsh world, parents and relatives are best friends

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