The Importance Of My Experience In The Literacy Narrative

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I would like to begin by saying that this has been a great semester. You took an activity that I completely hated to do, and you have made it bearable, which in an educational setting, is hard to do. You 've taught me the importance of my work, which has made me appreciate and value you it to a higher degree. You taught me to follow the writing process and to trust in myself. You taught me valuable skills that I will continue to use as I further my education. Most of all you taught me to be confident in myself, and my work, and for that I will be forever grateful. I know at times, it seemed like I was disengaged, like I couldn’t care less, but I was always listening and taking it in. I was just also crawling out of my seat uncomfortable.…show more content…
As I thought about this assignment, and heard other students discuss their ideas, I was concerned I wouldn 't be able to express my true feelings regarding my reading experience; it seemed that my experience was negative while everyone else’s appeared to be positive. After reading some of your student examples, I was assured that I could honestly express my experience. After being reassured, it all started to flow. I do believe the literacy narrative was the only paper that I have been able to write in one sitting, in my entire life. In my narrative, I used many different writing techniques that were new to me, I can see the difference it makes when compared to my high school papers. While doing this paper, I think that the greatest asset I learned was the scene based writing. It taught me how to tell a story within a story. Now, I 'm able to see the value of intricate details and allowing the readers to use their imagination. The literacy narrative might have been one of the easier papers for me to write, but it taught me the…show more content…
The interest inventory was a weakness of mine, mainly because I don 't feel that I 'm good at thinking outside the box. It was good for me to collaborate with my peers in order to expand my horizon and find better options. At the time we started this project, I was so locked into writing about concussions in youth sports and the effects that they have. As I worked alongside my peers in coming up with other topics, I was inattentive to what the other possible options could be. I researched quite a bit about concussions, yet, when the time came to write my topic proposal, I realized that I couldn’t care less about concussions. I was unsure of how I could write multiple pages about something that I wasn 't passionate about. It was at that time, a fellow classmate brought up the idea to write about gun violence. It was a good idea, but it was just too broad. I carried on and wrote my topic proposal on gun violence. This was my least favorite assignment of the semester; I wasn 't used to having to explain my motives about a certain topic. I didn 't enjoy this assignment, partially because I hadn 't narrowed down a specific topic, and I was hesitant. I do think it taught me the valuable lesson of planning ahead in my work, normally, I 'm a person who just sits down and writes. Being able to plan ahead would allow me to gather my thoughts, facts,
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