The Importance Of My Best Friend

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Everyone always told me that your best friend in the beginning of high school will not be your best friend by the time you graduated, I never believed that. We had a friendship so solid that I knew we’d be friends forever. Looking back now, I was proved extremely wrong. One hard time I faced in my life was removing a toxic person I called my “best friend” from my life.
We became friends in the 3rd grade, when life was easy and we did not have serious life issues. She moved away and we gradually stopped talking. Then eventually 8th grade came and it was like she never left. We became closer than ever and ultimately spent every day together. We eventually got to high school where we attended the same vocational school and picked the same shop.
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Gaining friends who actually cared about, I became happier. I realized my self-worth and how much I could achieve in life. As of now, my behavior is also completely different. When I see behavior like she had, I won’t continue a friendship. Reminding myself that having a friend who hurts people for their own benefit is now what I need in the most important parts of my life. Another way I also behave differently is when my other friends encounter relationships like this. Telling them my story, I hope they cut off their toxic friendship like I did because I would never want anyone to have a friend that made them uncomfortable in their own skin like she did.
Nevertheless, we are civil. She still talks about me from time to time. Asking how I even made it into college or mocking my major. She even still questions my personal relationship with my boyfriend. Looking back now, I know why she was hurtful and it makes me realize now why people are hurtful. Lack of self-confidence or even jealously. All in all, I’m greatful this experience happened. It made me grow as a persons and find out who I am without someone else influencing me. This is one tough experience in life that changed who I am
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