The Importance Of Music In Film

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Music follows us everywhere we go. It’s a big part of our lives and it is now significantly used in films. Before the 1930’s, films have started out completely silent. But after that period of time music began to infuse in the world of films and it played a big role in it. According to Fischoff, a media psychologist and a professor in music studies on films explains how we do not just experience films visually, but we actually experience the film through our ears. Music plays upon the audience feelings and it communicates the scenes to them, it makes us feel the events and the atmosphere that is happening in the film. Fischoff says that people remember memorable films from their break out hit, he gives an example of the song “My
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Would we able to truly feel those scenes if their images were presented in films without music? According to Jeffrey, a film and sound producer who says in her article that the absence of music from a film will impact the quality of imagery that is presented in it. Music has its own language and it brings the images that we experience in films to life. Every set, landscape, place, character, theme and atmosphere in the film needs music to help guide our emotions as we watch those moving images. Moreover, Jeffrey explains how different scenes in a film require different types of music to help the audience adjust and fit with what they see on the screen, and to recount the story in these scenes. Jeffrey says that the music can also be extensively engaging and regulate in its narrating like how we see in “Shrek” or “The Spiderman” films and it moderates in films like “Memento.” Music is a vital piece of this film’s generation. It recounts the story, evoke for us the whole scenario, characters, themes and images we see in the film, and the music can go on and adapt to the changes as the story of the film moves on from a scene to another. Music has a significant impact on our feelings and if the film itself doesn’t influence us, then definitely the music of it or the soundtrack…show more content…
According to Burt, an author who explains in his book that each type of music impacts films differently and it helps the film to create the atmosphere that is felt in the music. He mentions some of the main music types used in films, such as "Fearful /Tense", "Miserable/Unhappy", "Upbeat/Jolly", "Enchanted/Magical", "Energized/Action" and "Startling/Tense". The most common music type that is used frequently to create an atmosphere is the Terrifying or Scary, because it is suitable a lot for horror films. Horror films try to scare us by using a frightening sound of music that will help intensify the fear in us while watching. For example, as they speed the scary music, it will create a feeling if somebody is running after us or is getting close to harm us. Burt explains that the directors of films make sure to use the appropriate type of music that matches the film genre. Another example is the use of happy upbeat music a lot in films for kids, and soft beat love songs are used in romantic films. Without music the audience wouldn’t be able to experience the story and the atmosphere that is presented in the
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