The Importance Of Music Education

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Music is one of those subjects that is necessary in life whether it be educationally or just practically. No matter where you go in life, you cannot escape music. This is why it is important to have a practical education behind music. When you listen to music, it stimulates your mind, but when you perform music, it effects your brain in so many ways unlike anything else. Music is used to get messages across as well as just to pass time. Many Musicians have written songs about current problems that have effectively gotten people thinking about the problems going on around them, thus encouraging them to be proactive towards a solution. Music does so much subconsciously, that people don’t realize its importance.
Music education should be kept
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I started learning to play the piano when I was 8, but moved on to play the trumpet also as I entered the 4th grade. Music should be taught early in life because it is much easier to learn something at a young age. Like the classical example of language, the brain can absorb a lot more information at an earlier age due to biological factors of the brain. If a child is influenced by music in early childhood, they will have a much deeper appreciation and the ability to deeply evaluate problems to find the proper solution. The reason behind this is because as you grow older the neurons in your brain become 'hard-wired ' for certain tasks. This explains how babies eventually pick up language over time. I would not be writing this essay if I never developed language. This is why so many children should take piano lessons at an early age if they want to be the next Mozart or simply just want to play a few tunes here or…show more content…
Mehr’s article had studies done through Harvard University and had statistics proving his claim that music should be kept out of schools. In Mehr’s studies, he randomly assigned kids to music classes, visual arts classes, or non-arts classes, and after about six weeks these students were each given a test on 4 different domains, linguistic, math development, 2D visual forms, and 3D navigation. There was no evidence found that could prove music trained students had any benefits over the non-music trained students. Mehr concluded that Music should only be taught in schools because he thinks it’s important, but that there is no other benefit. There was not enough sufficient evidence to support Mehr claim is important to the overall problem. He definitely had enough evidence to prove that out of the population he studied that there wasn’t any cognitive effects on the students. This, however, cannot cover the entire
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