The Importance Of Motivation On Academic Performance

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What is Motivation and how does it affect an individual? Motivation is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. There are two types of motivation that affect us, Extrinsic and Intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation is the type of motivation that motivates us to perform or engage in an activity to earn a reward or avoid a form of punishment. Examples of this would be working hard for a raise, because you want a better pay check or cleaning your room as a kid to avoid being in trouble from your parents. In both examples, the person is motivated to gain a reward or avoid punishment. However, intrinsic motivation is when a person performs an activity, because it is personally rewarding. Examples of this type of motivation…show more content…
The article is split into sections, the first section describes the student-athlete experience. This section shows that student athletes go through all the same challenges as nonathletic students, but also athletes have an added demand brought on by their sport. The article references that athletes are afflicted by their coaches expecting a great deal of their player’s time and how their mental fatigue, physical exhaustion, and nagging injuries (Eitzen 2009). The second section of the article goes on about the Structure of their model. The structure of their model starts with Precollege section which is split into three sections; family background, educational experiences and preparation, and individual attributes. Then moves into Initial commitments such as; goal, sport, and institutional commitments. Finally, the last section of their models introduces Environmental characteristics, which consists of social and academic. Comeaux and Harrison (2011) stated that their purpose for their article was to fill the theoretical and analytical gaps that exist in the understandings of student athlete’s academic success in Division I institutions. Comeaux and Harrison designed their model in a way that motivates and engages the student to learn inside and also outside the
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