The Importance Of Motivation

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Properly motivating employees is crucial to the success of any business. When an organization has a motivated workforce, the staff will yield higher productivity which leads to an increased likelihood that a business will achieve its organizational goals and objectives. Motivating employees can be especially challenging for an organization, as employees are motivated by different incentives. Organizations must create incentives, both monetary and non-monetary, that will not only create employee satisfaction, but it must also create a level of performance that will create an increasing and sustainable growth.
During a time when you felt unmotivated or unsatisfied at work, why did you feel that way? During that time did your compensation
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Studies have shown that satisfied employees help to produce satisfied customers. While it is extremely rewarding to have a customer that has experienced the highest level of fulfillment with the service that I have provided, that is not what gives me satisfaction. My contentment stems from the security that my organization has provided to me as an employee. Awards and merits express a sense of appreciation validated by a comparable compensation package. This level of security provides me with the comfort of knowing that I will be able to provide a good quality of life for my family.
As you have moved up at your job or up the corporate ladder how has your motivation at work changed? Has money become more or less of a motivator, and why? Has recognition or accomplishment played an increasing role in you motivation as your job has increased in significance?
Money and pride are two different motivators for employees moving up the corporate ladder. When pride is present, it becomes a strong motivator that can be a larger motivator than monetary means, and organizations should not rely only on monetary means. Organizations should base motivation on the emotions of the employees, such as pride. Pride builds job satisfaction and higher
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There have been many instances where I have been motivated both positively and negatively coworkers throughout the years in the work force. However; I have been amazed with the ability of a training mentor. He does a great job at in motivating the team that he works with. We work in a very competitive, commodity driven, and diminished customer loyalty industry. Many customers use spreadsheet pricing between vendors to compile their orders weekly. This drives profit margins down and leaves the salesmen from each company scraping to earn their piece of the business. The eliminating factor for the competitive salespeople is their ability to rise above the constant rejection, heartbreak in the industry.
My organization has recently changed their training program. It used to be a ten week classroom process. Most of this time was spent in a classroom setting and the rest alongside a mentor. My mentor was very professional and showed me the way even after training was over. His success gave me the motivation to strive to achieve sales goals. I am now a mentor for new hires and I hope they feel as motivated about their job as I still do today.
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