The Importance Of Modern Day Field Hockey

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As well as technical developments, there have also been tactical developments within the sport (Podgórski and Pawlak, 2011). Modern day field hockey coaches have developed their tactics to ensure they have a greater success rate on the pitch from both a defensive and offensive point of view. The playing positions are separated into four groups; goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards. Those with roles in attack are no longer stationary players; they are constantly moving and switching throughout a match to create space when attacking as well as tracking back to aid defensive play (Konarski, 2010). While midfield players are considered to be the ‘linking’ players between defence and attack (Gabbett, 2010). Those with defensive duties are encouraged to pass the ball more and carry the ball as opposed to relying on ‘crash’ balls to the opposition’s endline. Formations have evolved, and many field hockey coaches have adapted soccer formations to their teams.
In an attempt to deal with the continuous development of the game, female hockey players have had to develop themselves ...
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