The Importance Of Mirror Neuron

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Mirror neuron research is arguably one of the biggest breakthroughs in psychological and biological brain research, and the understanding of how our cognitive motor skills work within the past decade. Mirror neurons have found aid in the way we understand what happens around us, and how we interpret information to help in our survival. Mirror neurons have also been discovered to help in the explanation of autism, and the evolution of speech, along with providing explanation for the reason our brain can understand what we see. Psychologists, neurologists, and philosophers have always been puzzled by how we, as humans, can interpret what it is that they are looking at, and the answer to the question of “how,” is mirror neurons. Physiologist, V.S. Ramachandran, PhD, had called mirror neurons "the single most important unpublicized stories of the decade" (Ramachandran, 2000). From the way babies learn and understand what's going on around them, to the way adults interpret the things that they see and hear, these mirror neurons are the explanations for why we are able to do all of it. Without mirror neurons we would not speak, understand, or learn from other individuals.
Neurons are the basic data processing units of the brain. They are specialized cells that send out and receive electrical impulses from other neurons. These are attached to roughly 1,000 other neurons cells within the brain, and receive impulses. If the impulses are strong enough it will send out an electrical signal known as an electrical impulse. Neurons send and receive these electrical impulses. Certain groups of neurons are specialized for parts of the body, some are for memory, others for muscle movement and thinking. The signals that these neurons...

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...In conclusion, the discovery of mirror neurons has changed the normal way of thinking. We have gone from not being able to explain the way we empathise with others, to finding explanations for more than just the original question. It is easy to say, that mirror neuron research has been one of the biggest breakthroughs in neuron research within the last decade. The application of this research has provided explanations for questions that have baffled scientists for years. From the survival of language, to ways of battling and potentially curing autism. From the way we understand and learn, to the way kids learn to play sports. Because of mirror neurons we have made headway in these fields of study that we were at a standstill for years, further investigation into mirror neurons can only provide more answers and lead us into the future of neurological science.
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