The Importance Of Minorism In Society

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The ideals of what is natural is difficult to state as a fact for the reason it brings fourth many disadvantages to minorities. This gap was created by the supremacy of European settlers they once had centuries ago; creating a focus on their beliefs for further generations to practice. The difference between nature and people is that nature is recyclable while humans die. The influence that is put in what is natural in nature will recycle itself meaning that the ideologies will become common sense for people to follow. Minorities have struggled to move away from stereotypes that have been produced from decades of prejudice and racism. It is difficult to not perceive a certain ethnicity without first depicting them through their stereotypical…show more content…
There is a system of advantages and disadvantages that operates American Society with the White community on top of minorities. In the Newspaper, “Blacks Remain Victims of Racist Stereotypes: Minority Report” James E. Alsbrook describes how slavery diminished the view African Americans and brought many disadvantages to them. Paul Laurence Dunbar was an African American writer who was looked upon because he was not white. Alsbrook sees unnatural for African Americans to mistreat through the ideals of white supremacy. In the article, “Nature and Environmental Justice” Mei Mei Evans believes that white supremacy had a large impact in what is natural in society. European settlers implemented slavery to purposely show to the minority group who was at top of the social class. Through the ideology of European Settlers, the gap they created when they implemented slavery created the aftermath of stereotypes that affects African Americans wanting to better themselves. “This ideological construction creates a representation paradigm whereby heterosexual white manhood is constructed as …the identity most deserving” (Evans 183). Dunbar the writer had to be helped by his friend, who was a white editor, in order to sell his stories because of his limitation of being African American. In the article, “Defining Racism” Beverly Daniel Tatum describes the impact of stereotypes in society and how most people tend to follow it. Aresbrook goes further to explain that minority stereotypes are now being used even within their own social group. Tatum describes this view as prejudice and “smog-breathers.” People use their own stereotypes to reevaluate themselves if they follow the ideals that their social identity is said to follow. Stereotypes are ingrained in society so racism is seen as a normal life for people of the minority
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