The Importance Of Mindfulness-Based Meditation

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present moment, aware of and observing that passes through their mind and the surroundings. The contemporary group based standardized meditation is a clinically based meditation method which includes the mindfulness-based stress reduction and the mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. MBSR was the technique used by Jon Kabat to treat his patients. MBSR curriculum focuses on body scan, Hatha yoga, sitting meditation and cognitively oriented mindfulness and awareness practices. The eight-week workshop focuses on achieving body and mind awareness, non-judgmental awareness, serenity and mindfulness meditation (Ostafin, B.D., Meier, B.P., and Robinson, M.D., 2015). The different ways to practice mindfulness using the MBSR technique are focus mindfulness…show more content…
Observed useful results of MBSR are the reduction of physiological effects of stress, pain or illness and muscle relaxation. Mindful-based cognitive therapy is a relapse prevention treatment of depression ( Ghaziuddin, M., Ghaziuddin, N., and Greden, J., 2002). MBCT is an interactive method between the patient and the trainer where the patient gains knowledge about the causes of depression and meditation that focuses on one accepting all thoughts and feelings but not react to them. The aim is to disengage the victim from self-criticism, rumination, and dysphoric mood. MBCT also uses the same technique on drug users whereby they accept the thoughts of cravings but learn how not to react to them. Mindfulness owes its popularization from the East by religious and traditional institutions. Despite arguments that other religions such as Judaism and Islam also had practices of mindfulness, Hinduism and Buddhism are considered the founders because the westerners learned about it from these two religions Grabovac, A.D., Lau, M.A., and Willett, B.R., 2011) (. The Vipassana and Samatha meditation approaches originated from Hinduism while the Zen meditation is known to come from…show more content…
Hinduism is one of the oldest religious practices in the world. The introduction of temple worship incorporated scripts which guided their spiritual rituals and way of religion. In these scripts was where the concept of Dharma was introduced which entail the stages of Vipassana. Buddhism was first founded by Siddhartha Gautama who history says that he lived in modern-day India and Nepal. Therefore, Hinduism and Buddhism share a common origin and the practice of Dharma. Mindfulness is a crucial part of Buddhism as is considered the first step towards enlightenment (Goenka, S.N. and Hart, W., 2000). Jon Kabat is the most significant influence in bringing mindfulness from religious institutions to secular. He founded the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the Oasis Institute for Mindfulness-Based Professional Education and Training in it(awaken,2017). Buddhist teachers trained Kabat on mindfulness and he, in turn,

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