The Importance Of Medicine On Modern Medicine

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The First World War of 1914 through 1918 was the beginning of new era of medical innovations and advancements that were infrequently glorified and somewhat held in high prestige. Beginning in the earlier stages of the war, there was uncertainty in hygienic medical practices and education through notable doctors expertise unfamiliar. Therefore, in the later stages of the war, developing medical knowledge emerged through an increasing need for doctors. Evidently a noteable doctor, Harvey Williams Cushing, aspired to be a change for surgeons and first aid responders in the war. From 1905 on, Harvey Williams Cushing, advanced neurosurgery through a series of operations through his writings. Cushing led a pathway to a team of doctors who perpetually enhanced the performance of medical care today.…show more content…
Medical improvements allowed doctors to expand their knowledge from World War I to modern medicine by changing the way medical care is executed in order to aid in the care of injured individuals. The advancement of medicine in the United States was seen in discovery of vaccines that led to the control of diseases that impact civilians in the United States today. As a result, developments in surgeries taken in various medical specialties and treatments resulting in operations used today. Overall, medicine of World War One era had a significant impact on modern healthcare. It revealed groundbreaking medical discoveries and changed the way healthcare is executed through medical improvements. Furthermore, the discovery of vaccines led to the eradication of diseases, and strides taken in various medical specialties and treatments improved the safety and reduced the complexity of operations. These improvements resulted in saving lives and controlling deadly diseases which positively impact civilians in the United States

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