The Importance Of Media Influence On The Media

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Shaya alnafisah
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Parents you are to blame The way humans interact with each other depends on the way they have been matured and experienced. From young age American children tend to follow their parents as their first contact with them in their good actions whenever they see one. However, they accumulate whatever behavior they observe in their advantage regardless the source of that action. Over the years, researchers of psychology developed many theses on young youth behavior, they also concluded as the American psychological association stated on November 2013 that the biggest impact on the child 's behavior to the way of maturity is media. The media today has the verities of what it good and violent, but violent media causes
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After what it right becomes wrong and helping others who in pain becoming a waste of time, children tend to go away from the good path leading those to a dangerous call may hurt them and their families. Children who watch violated media become angrier and get used to bloody scenes, they get isolated from their friends leading to not having faith in others. When children become isolated from their friends and families and video games become their way out of the world they start copying what is in the games thinking that this is what should be happening in the real world. Young youth Americans who watch violent media and games tend to have the wrong idea about who is leading them to the good path generating by that fear from people around them, and that could evolve to act aggressively in schools and act as bullies. Parents should take this subject more seriously and watches what their children is looking at on the screen. A parent who says their children are only watching educational media, that it could cause children to other defaces that may hurt their children in the…show more content…
When a child raised on violent media and video games that child start acting differently in no sensible way than those who is not like Zachary Burgess and what he done at Auburn University. When the police arrested Zachary Burgess he was telling them he was trying to see what the game grand theft auto was really like in the real world. Zachary Burgess wanted the feeling that he got in the game and did not accept that games and the real world are different, what is worse about violent video games is when you mix the real life with a game as it happened to him. When children start playing violate video games and media and they become obsessed with it, the violate games and media becoming their best friends which make child start building his own self as the character in the game do, and that mislead the child to become a rapist or murder as the character do in the game . Children who been miss guided by the media and violate games are more likely to become a bad person, in contrast of those children who is being controlled by their

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