The Importance Of Math

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Some people like math and others dislike math. I have been in math since the 1st grade. I have enjoyed math ever since. The high and low points in math have pushed me to do my best no matter the course. My strong liking for math has helped become a math student. Over the years, the courses have only gotten more rigorous. In the past, I have had nothing but good feelings about math. As I enter the collegiate level of math, I will need to set goals, stay organized, and put in a lot more time. In earlier years, I’ve had mostly good experiences with math. During elementary school, math was one of the easiest subjects I had. Math came so easy to me back then because it was mostly simple addition and subtraction. In the third grade, I had a slight struggle with adding and subtracting fractions, but I mastered it by practicing more and getting extra help. This experience pushed me to do practice problems at young age. It helped me in a positive way by showing me what it feels like to accomplish something. Once high school came around, math started to get a little more difficult. As soon as I adjusted to the high school setting, it became easy again. The most rigorous course I took in high school was Pre-Calculus. I took…show more content…
I personally don’t get test anxiety, but I learned few tricks that will help with test anxiety. One trick I was learned was to read through the whole test and answer the easy problems first. If the person’s test anxiety is really severe, they should speak to a counselor. On the workshop assessment, I received a score of 81/100. I thought it was a good score, but there are some things I can improve on. One thing I need to improve on is reading the upcoming lecture notes before class. This will help me understand the concept a little bit better. I also need to study a little bit more outside of class. The last thing I need to do, is more practice
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