The Importance Of Mass Shootings

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In 2015 alone, there has been a total of 303 mass shootings in the United States. Of those 303 shootings, 52 of them have occurred on either college campuses, or in K-12 schools. This is a relatively new dilemma that seems to be increasing over time. Students attend school to receive an education, build relationships, and discover their personalities. Students should neglect the thought that one of their peers could be carrying a weapon around school, and end their own, or their classmates lives at any given moment. What can be done to reduce the amount of shootings that occur on school campuses; whether it is caused by a student, or an intruder? A recent strategy that has taken place in hopes of reducing the amount of school shootings that…show more content…
A number of schools have already adopted this method, and have allowed the presence of a police officer onto their school campuses; they are known as School Resource Officers (SRO’s). However, it has raised questions. The relationship between law enforcement and schools can be a bit complicated. Officers have been criticized for their use of excessive force on the students. There are positive and negative factors to the presence of school resource officers on campus. Law enforcement officers should be present on school campuses in order to maintain the peace and protect the students from the possibility of a school shooting, but must go through protective measures and high levels of psychological screenings prior to entering the…show more content…
The evidence shown previously proves that increasing the amount of school resource officers on campus will decrease the threat of a mass shooting on schools. It is impossible to find the exact amount of crimes committed that has gone undetected previous to the introduction of law enforcement in schools. However, now that they have been introduced, most of the crime happening in schools can be caught. This results in the decrease of potential threats to the school. Not only could this method decrease the chance of a school shooting, but there are also many methods that could assist this difficulty. Teaching an anti-bullying approach, stricter gun-laws, decreasing violence in the media, and higher security in schools are just a number of ways to help put an end to the horrific violence that has been affecting children under the age of 18 years old in the past few decades. Hopefully, we will see a decrease of mass shootings occurring on school campuses with the introduction of law enforcement
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