The Importance Of Masculinity

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Up until the last two century’s girls going to school was uncommon and looked down on. Throughout history, women would only go to school to learn how to manage a household and learn how to do common things that women were expected to know how to do when they got married and had kids. Women were limited to only be educated as caretakers, while men were allowed to pursue any type of education they wanted. Women where not a key figure in education decades ago. Most people couldn’t afford to go to school and get their education before the mid twentieth century, as a result only people who were wealthy went to school witch most of the time happened to be men. Over time women began to have more rights in their education and school was made a priority…show more content…
Boys like to show their masculinity when they are at school because schools are full of other boys that are their own age. Boy have to constantly make sure that they look and act masculine or else they get harassed. School becomes a place where boys just interact with other boys rather than a place where they get educated. In the Academic Journal “masculinity goes to school” “The authors posit school life as a matrix of masculinity. With some exceptions, boys are adapted by school experience to a masculinity regimen” (school N.P). Schools have not been designed and adjusted to fix this issue with boys. In addition, boys often times think that is not cool to do good in school which significantly effects the way they become educated. Boys believe it is socially acceptable to think that going to school is a bitter thing to do. Boys have to go deal with the peer pressure they get from other boys about attending school and are left thinking getting an education is not cool. This types of thinking have made boys think that school curriculum is not masculine and too girly. The academic journal “masculinity goes to school” Robert Gilbert, Pamela Gilbert and Alen Segal states “Furthermore, students interpret curriculum as feminine or masculine, based on subject content, teaching methods, and learning processes. Physical education, for instance, exemplifies masculinity, and is a powerful medium of gender normalization in schools” (Gilbert & Alen n.p). Peer pressure makes boys not think logically. In addition, the article “Education: gender: Teacher: A lot of alienation is down to peer pressure on boys not to be seen as swots. It has a tremendous impact” Illingworth says “‘A lot of it is down to peer pressure being put on boys not to be seen as swots. It has a tremendous impact. A worrying subculture has emerged that is almost anti-education.”’ (Chaudhary n.p). This quotation tells us that the
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